Xperia p not updating


if you have root install this and internet occasionally. and set it to update the time on boot and then you will always have the right time as the network operators only update the clock once a week so it will stay out until it is updated.On the phone USB Debugging must be enabled and you can do that by going to “menu – settings – developer options” while on your computer the security protection must be temporarily deactivated (because in some cases, antivirus tools can interfere with the update operation).You should also charge your phone before applying the steps from below, because if your device gets turned off in the middle of the installation process, it might also get bricked.Since Google has released new Android updates for several devices, currently for Nexus branded handsets, the third party devs also tried to bring compatible custom ROMs for numerous devices, whether we are talking about mid-range or high end smartphones and tablets.In that matter a new version of CM11 has been made available for the Sony Xperia P, thus by installing the firmware you will be able to update your Xperia P to Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat OS.

A backup is required because without saving your personal info, accounts and data you will lose everything that’s important for you.

Third party devs are developing and offering this firmware, so you can only manually install the same on your Xperia P.

Since it is unofficial, flashing the update will make you lose your phone warranty – don’t worry, as the update process can be easily completed even by a newbie (in that matter read all the guidelines from this tutorial and stick to the steps from below or else you can mess things up easily).

Moreover, as we all know, CM11 represents a custom ROM that is only based on stock Android firmware.

So, due to same reasons, on CM11 there are included extra features that cannot be found in the default version of Kit Kat system.As you will see during the proper steps, at some point you will have to wipe the system of your phone so everything that’s saved on the internal storage of your XPeria P will be erased.


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