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This model has a stealthy look with subtle gray bezel lettering and a dark reverse LCD display.

It shares the same exterior case as the popular GA100 analog-digital watch (seen below).

This list is ever-evolving and regularly updated to include the most current G-Shock releases.

We’ve included a wide range of G-Shock models with a variety of features and styles to help you find the best G-Shock watch that fits your needs.

The face also includes an LCD subdisplay for features like world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze alarm, and 12/24 hour format.

Before the GAS-100 series, analog-style G-Shock watches with Tough Solar power were either smaller models or larger, more expensive high-end models.

The GA-700 Series was introduced in late 2016 and is likely to become another classic.

It is the first affordable analog-digital G-Shock watch with a convenient front-facing LED light button.

It is one of the cheapest G-Shock watches available but is just as tough as any other.It is currently the most affordable model with the Bluetooth time-syncing capability.


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