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It is based on the position of stars relative to an observer's ideal horizon.The equatorial coordinate system is centered at Earth's center, but fixed relative to the celestial poles and the vernal equinox.The fundamental plane divides the celestial sphere into two equal hemispheres and defines the baseline for the latitudinal coordinates, similar to the equator in the geographic coordinate system.The poles are located at ±90° from the fundamental plane.He researches the history of earthquakes in the landscape and what we can learn about them from satellites.In this blog he highlights developments in earthquake science, notable mitigation efforts around the world, and media that unveil and illuminate the phenomenon of earthquakes.Aerial Virtual Replay is provided by an external vendor Trakus, for personal infotainment only.Due to the frequent usage of mobile phones at the racecourses, the signals receiving by Trakus system may be affected and thus the accuracy of Aerial Virtual Replay cannot be guaranteed.

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The coordinate systems are implemented in either spherical or rectangular coordinates.



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