Dating matt damon disaster movie lyrics

Mark Wahlberg has admitted he often gets mistaken for Matt Damon.

The 46-year-old actor might be a star in his own right, but he has admitted people often come up to him to praise him for movies he never starred in, as they believe he is fellow Hollywood hunk Matt Damon.

This sequence goes on for a truly absurd length of time and probably ruined the word “fuck” for me forever.

“I think spoof movies are sometimes easier to make because you don’t have to land a big star to make them.

A lot of vile, venomous stuff has been said about them already, but perhaps not enough has been said because they’re still allowed to make motion pictures.

Put simply and without hyperbole, the Friedberg/Seltzer oeuvre is difficult to take in. Each gag is clearly the writer’s very first idea, and nobody bothered trying to top it or punch it up.

Either way, the creators of demonstrate their working knowledge of, and affection for, the niche they’re spoofing at every turn, cramming as much period detail in every frame as possible.

From the fonts of the opening credits to the kinds of garments hanging from the cabin rafters, every choice made in this movie further serves to illuminate its milieu.



To see something that people take seriously redone in a silly way is as oddly compelling in an skit as it is an a Weird Al song.I took a close look at two of the most creatively successful and well-liked spoof movies from the last ten years, , to answer these very questions.


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