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She had only one thigh-high net stocking, but as she staggered inside, I could see she was still wearing her CFM (Come-Fuck-Me) pumps with the 4" heels.

No bra that I could see, and, I assumed, no panties either. " I replied, with more than a little bitterness, "Again?

She cried at that memory, "Oh God, what have I done? I'd be pleased to read whatever literary creations you can write on this or a similar topic, under your own screen names ...

" May 31, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: Dolores had her final report from the clinic, that she was disease free. I lost most of my pretty things, too, when they wouldn't fit in the RV. actual writing and I said in my original comment, this story was about a "stupid, slut bitch," who got the BTB that she deserved.

Her hair was frizzled, with sticky, partially dried cum appearing in several places on her head and more on her well-displayed tits, one of which was half-out and the other, fully exposed: both were covered with love-sucks and her nipples on display were large, dark and distended, appearing well sucked, too.

Her sheath dress was on backwards, the tag showing in the front instead of hidden in the back.

The rest of the day, she phoned her friends and relaxed, well-fucked and lazy.Screaming that she'd been attacked by 5 dirty, sweaty, fucking men, and been forced to have sex all night and morning, until they turned her out of their van on the side of the road ... Each time, until now, when I've tried to hold you and cuddle, you've screamed even more at me, and then run upstairs to shower, douche and enema, then called a group of your 'special friends' to come over and 'keep you company' behind closed doors, while ordering me out of the house." "Well, sorry but, no more!


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