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Sadly, Logitech killed that product line a few years ago, leaving owners struggling to maintain their systems. Pieces of the Alert software infrastructure still work.

By that time, the product was no longer supported, so replacement cameras were hard to come by.

Keep an eye on your charge level with Logitech Gaming Software so you don’t run out of juice in the middle of your game.* G533 features a noise-cancelling microphone on a folding, extending boom for crystal-clear voice chat and communications.

Fold the boom up to automatically mute the microphone.

G533 has a remarkable ability to recreate the in-game environmental effects and positional audio game designers intended you to hear.



DTS Headphone: X technology accurately replicates 7.1 speaker placement and audio positioning.Sports mesh ear pads are designed to be breathable and can be removed for cleaning.


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