A foreign affair dating reviews

Midway through college, she has finished a novel—and manages to find a seasoned agent, then a publisher.


Alex writes in every spare moment, gripped by the plots and themes and characters that fill her mind.He had seen a group of attractive young people walk in, and heard them speaking Spanish when they sat down at a table next to his, and a spectacular looking young woman had instantly caught his eye. He had been married to a college professor who had died of breast cancer two years before, after putting up a noble fight.Sensing him watching her, she had glanced over and smiled at him. They had no children, and had made a conscious decision not to have any, due to health problems his wife had had all her life.The silence in the house would be deafening when he got back.

Their housekeeper, Elena, still came in several times a week and prepared meals she left for him in the freezer, and he put them in the microwave when he got home from work.Chapter 1Alexandra Cortez Winslow was seven years old, with long straight black hair, creamy white skin, and big green eyes, which she had squeezed shut as she lay facedown on her bed, trying not to listen to her parents argue. They always ended with a door slamming, and then her father would come up to see her in her bedroom and tell her everything was fine.



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