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Nonetheless, there is real value in reading the studies as a whole.


In particular, this chapter focuses on how these individuals not only participate in heritage but specifically contribute to our collective heritage through both grassroots and institutionally organized digital transcription of historical records.

The focus here is on working to preserve the community’s archive in collaboration with different institutions such as the Indiana Historical Society, the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis University Library and the Indiana State Museum. Creating an authentic learning environment for school children: a case study of digital storytelling programmes at the Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum– In Chapter 3 Janis Hanley explores the inclusion of school students in the heritage of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, through technology.



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    According to a Rabbinic tradition the real pronunciation of Jehovah ceased to be used at the time of Simeon the Just, who was, according to Maimonides, a contemporary of Alexander the Great. Marg., i, 580); "Vita Mos.", iii, 25 (ii, 166)] seems to maintain that even on these occasions the priests had to speak in a low voice.

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