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You have 100 percent given a blow-job in a bathroom and let me guess: you love doggy-style? You never text guys back and you will unapologetically cancel a date at the last minute to have a wine night with the girls. You’re the type of bitch who makes boys give her head with no reciprocation and is always willing to drink out of a beer bong. You know your power and we are all so very proud of you.Aries, keep living life not tied down — your wild spirit deserves to keep getting scissored in the local park. You’re always telling your hookups your problems, you cry about that guy you fucked last week whenever you’re drunk, and you always love them after the first date. by Ari Bines Even in a post Mean Girls 2 world, some celebrities can't seem to get a hint when it's time to pull the plug on the movie or TV franchise that made his or her career. And watching her re-enact her 8 favorite lines in this video reliving her…You like to be the center of attention and insist on DJing each and every pregame.


She loves it so much she needs to make baseball cards of her lovers to help her remember where she's been.Whether you just want to post that thot squat on Insta or just want to get out there and get it in, the resources are at your fingertips in this age of the internet.fucking athletes and sending screenshots of your hottest Tinder matches to your entire gang.You’re the type of hoe that posts makeup selfies on your snap story and you’ve considered being a cam girl at least once. You only have sex when you’re drunk as hell and you’re the first girl to text the group with “you’ll never believe what happened last night.” Keep living your crazy life – but also remember AA is always there to help you.

If you’re a Gemini, you already know you’re a snake.

Better Luck Tomorrow's Karin Anna Cheung delivers a sympathetic and compelling turn as a slutty girl-next-door. Screen legend James Shigeta plays an unconventional patriarch with charisma and depth. It's well-done and unconventional with a heart.


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