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*The recent development deal with Boehringer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Indeed, Dicerna itself lost a similar million deal last year.

*Dicerna has already tried – and failed – to advance a product beyond Phase 1 human trials. *Dicerna has switched focus to Gal XC and merely hopes to to the FDA for US clinical trials next year.

despite attempting at least six businesses ranging from “American Alliance” to “” after first opening up shop as “Far West Gold,” back in 1983.

He has held leadership or major shareholder roles in the company since 1999, as it gyrated through various business ventures including American Alliance, Entheos Technologies, Janus Resources, Whats On Line. The SEC charged him and Equity Alert with unregistered sales of stock in two companies that had hired the firm to do their promotions. We do have grave concerns about this company’s future and expect to share management’s answers with investors. Right now, we’re having a very hard time justifying even a million valuation for this company, which would leave the stock trading around 30 cents per share.* Editor's Note: As a matter of policy, The Street Sweeper prohibits members of its editorial team from taking financial positions in the companies that they cover.

representing a major watering down of investors’ stock.

*CRUNCH: Cash is very low, while working capital is negative at $-4 million.

*The Street Sweeper has requested that the SEC look into our concerns about whether this may be a pump-and-dump stock.. The Fremont, California company has lost money six out of the last nine years since hitting the stock exchange.




The executive summary: *Though the company was created 24 years ago, it has failed to advance its experimental pill for psoriasis or arthritis beyond beginning phase III recruitment.If approved, Dicerna would take investors down a costly, 6-year to 11-year road of human trials.


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