Open office trouble updating

Libre Office was a fork of Open and is built on the original Open code base.

Most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, switched their bundled office suite from Open to Libre Office. In 2011, Oracle gave the Open trademarks and code to the Apache Software Foundation.

If you read some stories about how Open Office is reaching the end of the road, you might think Open Office was becoming insecure. Open Office doesn't have the programmers it needs to be safe. In an email titled "What Would Open Office Retirement Involve?

That's because all its good developers moved to its fork, Libre Office, years ago. ", Apache Open Office Vice President Dennis Hamilton wrote, "In the case of Apache Open Office, needing to disclose security vulnerabilities for which there is no mitigation in an update has become a serious issue." Huge savings prompt Italian city to dump Open Office for Microsoft after four years According to a study commissioned by the government body - and Microsoft - the costs of using an open source suite far outweigh those of using Office 365.

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Apache released the beta version of Open Office 4.1 in March, 2014.

You can download Libre Office or Open Office for free for Windows, Linux, or Mac.

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Sun Microsystems acquired the Star Office office suite in 1999.

In 2000, Sun open-sourced the Star Office software — this free, open-source office suite was known as Open

With this move, Oracle not only got rid of the top Open Office developers, it helped build a wall between Libre Office's code and Open Office.

Adding insult to injury, Oracle didn't invest in Open Office.

The project continued with help from Sun employees and volunteers, offering the free Open office suite to everyone — including Linux users. They renamed the proprietary Star Office office suite to “Oracle Open Office,” as if they wanted to cause confusion, and then discontinued it.


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