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When Paul mentions Jesus communicating with and sending apostles, it is always in the context of revelations." Carrier appears to misunderstand the reference to “the earliest accounts” to mean “the early Christian documents we have.” The subject at hand was who the “founding leader” of Christianity may have been.

The relevant accounts, therefore, are those that dealt with this question.

1:3) and “born of woman, born under the Law [of Moses]” (Gal. This clearly indicates Jesus’ birth as a Jew who belonged to the lineage of David (and who, as well, had both flesh and a woman as his mother).

All this indicates that Jesus was a real, historical individual. And, in 1 Timothy he writes that Jesus “made the good confession..his testimony before Pontius Pilate” (1 Tim. Some would challenge the last document as post-Pauline, though not the former two, and the former two provide further indications that Jesus was a historical individual who gave instructions to his followers on a specific night, on which he was then betrayed; who was killed through the agency of earthly individuals, who also killed the prophets and drove Paul and others out of Judea (cf. ); and who was then “buried.” This is all consistent with the idea that Jesus was a historical individual who lived, died, and was buried on earth, and there is no indication of this taking place in “the lower heavens.” Carrier acknowledges that the same logic used to support the existence of a historical Jesus also points to the existence of a historical Muhammad as the founder of Islam.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Today we continue our four-part series concerning the historical evidence for Jesus.


Paul also tells us that Jesus was “descended from David according to the flesh” (Rom.

Instead, he makes a series of alternative assertions that state his own view.



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