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Sure, you have your good days, but there are more days spent watching Netflix alone or with your parents. This is where you need to focus on bringing back the positive vibes you’ve lost. Finally accept the fact that where you are in your life is not where you want to be. This is really hard to do because most of us don’t know what we want or need.

What this means is that you’ll need to focus on yourself. How to get those positive vibes You don’t need to go to Woodstock to attract positive energy. We all complain that we should be doing this or that, but honestly, how many of us actually make a change? But how about you start with the things you don’t want.

I know this sounds like hippie stuff, but it works. Laughing is so important for cultivating positive vibes. If you recycle positive energy back out to your community, not only will you feel good, but you make other people aware of the power of positivity. You have no control over anything except your reactions. [Read: 25 memorable life lessons to perfect your life] #11 Be aware of the ego.

[Read: 11 simple ways to inspire and connect with people around you] #9 Let go. I know, it’s really hard, and it’s going to take you some time to be able to. The ego is a dangerous thing and holds a lot of power over you when you let it. However, it’ll help you relax and feel the positivity. Nature has an amazing power to relaxing the human mind.

So, acknowledge that we are not the highest form of energy. For example, I view Mother Earth as something greater than myself. However, by really looking within, you’ll be able to make changes that make you a better person and attract positive vibes.

[Read: Being brutally honest: 13 scenarios when it’s an obligation] #6 Start breathing!

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