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A 2013 report by the indicated that three percent of Americans were still using a dial-up connection — a small, but significant slice of the population. Hug your modern router in close, and make sure you appreciate how good today’s internet service is, because taking a step back into yesteryear is no fun.

Please Hold" data-reactid="27"Please Hold It was easy to subscribe to AOL back in the day.

The sheer sense of speed as web pages filled your screen piece by piece. There are many areas in the United States where broadband infrastructure was never put in place, so residents are forced to stick with dial-up.

On top of that, there’s a category of users who choose dial-up over broadband to save money. Or are we spoiled by the ubiquity of Wi-Fi and LTE, and dial-up internet isn’t that bad?

Installation disks flowed like an endless river, with households in the United States and further afield being subjected to an unending onslaught of these CDs and DVDs via their mailboxes.


In the end, I disconnected another telephone and used that cable, though it still wasn’t long enough, and I had to shift the computer tower closer to the telephone outlet. My struggles here were no fault of dial-up internet, or AOL.

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The unforgettable sound of a successful connection.

The undisputable inconvenience of occupying the phone line.

I selected the .99 per month option, although later on I did discover an even cheaper .99 package that also granted dial-up access; I signed up without issue, but once my subscription was active, there was no obvious way to take advantage of the dial-up connection I was owed.


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