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The Chippendale style dominated American furniture until the 1770s.

Known by its exquisite and extensive carving, it takes its name from Thomas Chippendale, an 18th century cabinetmaker, whose furnishings reflected popular English tastes of the period incorporating English, Gothic, and Chinese motifs. Born in 1718 at Otley in West Yorkshire, England, son of carpenter John Chippendale, and served his apprenticeship there.



The new simpler style of interior decoration was ushered in sparked by an idea from an architect and writer.Publication of the Director clearly had a stimulating effect on Chippendales career since all his known commissions date from after its publication.However, the Chippendale style didnt remain within the confines of the Chippendale workshops very long.He called for hand crafted, solid wood furniture with rectangular joinery.

He condemned the practice of using stains and varnishes to disguise inexpensive woods, calling instead for oiled, naturally colored finishes.Charles Eastlake, an Englishman, wrote the book He thought the objects in people's homes should be attractive and well made by workers who took pride in their handwork or machine work.


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    although there seems to have been a lapse in cultural continuity between the communities.

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