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Have you ever had to block someone on your online dating profile? You don’t want to be the crazy person that someone blocks.

But, typically, if I send a message to someone and they don’t respond, I leave it at that. I certainly do not consider desperate by any stretch of the imagination! Here are some tell-tale signs: But do we get obsessive sometimes? I think we do, but you want to avoid it when you’re dating!

They get anxious that their “happily ever after” will never come, so they cling to whatever seems good in the moment. Now, what if it’s you who’s sliding down the slippery slope of desperation and insecurity? It’s that little voice inside your head telling you the other person doesn’t like you, or you’re not good enough, or perhaps that they aren’t sincere.

We sometimes get caught up in the exchanges and forget we are dealing with real people.

Idiocy and mendacity are a bad combo in the affairs of nations, especially in elections.

The present case in the USA displays both qualities to near-perfection: on one side, a boorish pseudo-savior in zero command of ideas; on the other side, a wannabe racketeer-in-chief in full command of her instinctive deceit.

How desperate do you have to be to put all your pride and logic aside for a message from a random stranger? While navigating the dating world we do encounter all types, the good, the bad, the ugly if you will. My situation got me thinking, have I ever done that to anyone?

Someone who’s insecure isn’t confident in themselves or in the dating relationship at any stage.


They couldn’t tell you whether a hypotenuse is an animal, a vegetable, or a mineral. The elites operate in their own twilight zone of ignorance, only at a loftier level, flying on wings of sheepskin.Does the public understand the rationale behind zero interest rate policy (ZIRP)?


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