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The original dating method used on Pern was measured from the date of the "Landing" on Pern.

As such, the suffix "After Landing" or "AL" was used to measure the years.

Initially being stationed in England and assigned to IX Bomber Command, Engaged in tactical bombardment of enemy targets in Occupied Europe initially from stations in England, then after D-Day, moved to Advanced Landing Grounds in France and Belgium; advancing eastward as Allied ground forces advanced.Training in a test program has been taking place for about 1½ years there.



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    But their most visible difference—she’s black, he’s white—is never even mentioned in passing. But in this story, it’s relevant and also premiered at Sundance, so the film was long in the can by the time its star made headlines at the festival, first for delivering a rousing speech at the Park City Women’s March (“Williams is my last name, but it is not my real name. I only think of that when I come across people I used to work with, because I miss them.

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