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Administration fee ranges from 1.50% to 4.75% It takes just a few minutes to provide us with your information.‡ We understand unexpected financial events happen, and we're here to help.To learn more, please visit: Citizens Enter a Zip Code Return to our homepage The zip code you entered is served by Citizens One, the brand name for Citizens Bank's lending business outside of our 11‑state branch help you buy a car, boat, make home improvements… Plus, automatic payments can be deducted directly from your checking account.Al continuar navegando aceptas nuestra Política de Cookies..For a lot of people, winning the lottery is the American dream.

A share secured loan uses the funds in your savings account to secure your loan.

Proponent understands that sometimes life happens or throws us curveballs.

That’s why we offer personal loans for whatever may come your way.

As your advocate, we also make sure you have a little breathing room before your first payment. During promotion, interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the 90 days of no payment.


Your first loan payment will begin 90 days from your loan open date and be applied toward the accrued interest before reducing your loan principal.

The benefits of a share secured loan are lower interest rates and flexible terms.


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