Seattle university dating scene

It’s not the nicest bar on the block and can feel quite divey, but the staff are friendly and most of the time it’s a pretty welcoming place to come.The Rose (as it’s known) is the only dedicated lesbian bar in town, and as such, fills a variety of roles throughout the week.Held once a month, this dance packs Re-Bar, a divey space in downtown to the brim with hot young (and young at heart) women.Cherry has rotating DJs who usually spin whatever is most popular at that time.Can be a super fun place to go dancing with your friends; just don’t touch the walls, as there tends to be a lot of random male sex happening here.One cool thing about Neighbours is that it stays open until 4am for dancing, and after 2am (when the liquor goes away) it opens to the 18 crowd.

While this is technically true, there are a number of other bars that are either owned by lesbians or frequented by so many lesbians, they might as well be a dyke bar, including Jabu’s Pub, Out West Bar, and Tommy Gun Seattle.

Out West Bar (5401 California Ave SW- West Seattle) – Located in West Seattle, Out West Bar is a newcomer to the bar scene, catering to an older crowd that calls West Seattle home.

It tends to have a good mix of genders and feels like a neighborhood bar.

Cherry (1114 Howell St- Downtown) – Held at Re Bar once a month.

Cherry is the place to be in Seattle if you’re young, lesbian or bisexual, and hip.I’ve never felt unwelcome when visiting with groups of different people, including both my mom and my straight male best friend.


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