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The American Christian culture tells women to be generous and humble in all things…..except when it comes to finding a husband and having kids.

When it comes to marriage and family, its acceptable, at least according to many in the American church, to selfishly demand them from God as a birthright to being born female. It’s not that I don’t want those things, I do, but only if they are what God has planned for me.

My girlfriend, Grayce — yes, I realize I’ve been writing about her a lot, but she doesn’t mind being blog fodder, and I’m not one to turn down free material — decided to have angry sex with her husband. There are exceptions to this rule, but I don’t hang out with those women because they’re too busy going to pilates while managing Fortune 500 mergers on their i Phones as Baby #47 nurses in an ergonomically correct sling made of organic fairy hair. Which you can’t, so trust me when I say Grayce is not nearly as perky about her marital non-relations as those two Xanax Zombies, so mama needs to get some.

That is, the more kids you have, the less sex you have, even though you’d think if you have all those kids you’re a fuck bunny.

But when I say I want these other things, then I’m told I’m being selfish, that I need to hold those dreams loosely and seek God’s guidance.



You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Exodus NIV It’s one of the Ten Commandments. Too often this verse gets narrowed down to our neighbor’s wife. We are even told at times to demand these things as promises from God. I can’t find a verse which states that women are promised these things in life.

And then use that knowledge to realize that what is causing one person to covet what is not theirs, it inspiring another person to become the person and do the work God has called them to do.

I got to spend a day visiting my alma mater this past week for work. So many things have changed and yet so very many things haven’t.

And I don’t believe for a moment they are an automatic just because of my gender.


And just as much as I want those things, I want to teach and preach. I mean, I need something to distract myself from the abject terror of being a first-time business owner! I’ve also fallen in love and gotten subsequently dumped via text. There is a dick pic coming (not “cumming,” just about to show up…heh) so consider yourselves warned. The BDSM get-up was enough for me to know he was a most definite NO but, well, I’m feeling pretty cranky today.


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