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Our door is always open.' Mr Claasens said the NSW Government expected transport workers 'to do more with far less'.He ensured commuters they would be kept updated with as much information as possible in lead up to next week's action.The strike was called as many of the union's members didn't think the overtime ban by itself went far enough.Mr Claassens said on Monday, about the overtime ban, that the government could stop the industrial action from going ahead if it met their demands.'From Thursday the 25th of January, there will be an indefinite ban on overtime work.(We're just checking to see if you're reading carefully.

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'No one wants to take industrial action, but we haven't been left with any other options at this stage,' he said.

'We're still hopeful that management and the government will come to the table and deliver an enterprise agreement that provides workers with the wages and conditions they deserve, so we don't have to take any more action.

'The last thing any railway worker wants to do is inconvenience commuters...

but i'm sure everyone will understand, we've been forced to this point.' Sydney Trains boss Howard Collins responded to the announcement on Tuesday saying it would create havoc for commuters. we are working on those contingency plans now,' he told reporters.

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