Wiltshire times dating

About 200 or 300 years later the central bluestones were rearranged to form a circle and inner oval (which was again later altered to form a horseshoe).The earthwork Avenue was also built at this time, connecting Stonehenge with the river Avon.Listed below are a selection of females who are genuine swingers.Click on the thumbnails or member name to view the complete profile.This enclosed an area about 100 metres in diameter, and had two entrances. Within the bank and ditch were possibly some timber structures and set just inside the bank were 56 pits, known as the Aubrey Holes.



The earliest structures known in the immediate area are four or five pits, three of which appear to have held large pine ‘totem-pole like’ posts erected in the Mesolithic period, between 85 BC.

The presence of these monuments probably influenced the later location of Stonehenge.



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