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Here we see the Word declaring that directly after the "working of Satan" the Lord will arrive on the planet. This is again one of the passages you will never see proclaimed on pulpits that preach a 3 or 7 year pre tribulation Rapture.All across Christendom it is proclaimed that Christians leave before the "signs and lying wonders" of Satan.A major feat no less seeing how according to their own theories, all the "real" Christian preachers and teachers were supposedly raptured up beforehand. By using Christians to share their faith and the Scriptures they already studied, right?Romans says, "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? If so, then let's see what that Word says about all this...So using the "tribulation" as a catalyst to get them to Christ is just plain impossible, and quite outside the realm of reality.Truth is, all this secret rapture theory is, is an hellish trick of the Devil played on the deceived to get them to think that they would have a second chance at salvation once they see with their own eyes the mysterious disappearance of millions of Christians around the world.

" Many have even been taught of a that will occur without the rest of the wicked world knowing where the Christians have gone.

Who is it that cuts the heart of the people to seek out Christ?

If there is no "Holy Spirit" on the Planet prodding them towards truth, they are going to be much happier the Christians are gone because now they won't be bothered by their guilt laden sermons.

the Lord destroys him "with the brightness of His coming." Again, many declare Jesus comes first, and then the wicked one is revealed to all. The way this entire passage is penned proves only believers understand who the wicked one is, and did you notice, it does not mention 7 years, and it doesn't mention anything about it being a "secret" when Jesus returns to destroy the wicked.


A little later on I will be sharing Bible verses that prove it can in no way be a "secret" rapture. So blunt you will never hear of them on pulpits that declare a 7 year tribulation or secret rapture because in so doing it would expose them as false teachers.In order for a man to get a free meal in these missions you had to sit through a 20 minute sermon before eating.



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